Food tastes better when it’s free. This is a rule of life and it will always be.

There was an office party. And needless to say there was lots of food still on the table once the party was over.

The menu was wild rice that had bacon! A potato wedge salad with a parsley and mayo cream dressing. And stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon.


Wild bacon rice with potato salas and stuffed chicken breast

Wild bacon rice with potato salas and stuffed chicken breast

I could probably make this, in my dreams, I know I could. If I close my eyes really tight.

The rice was incredibly well cooked. It had onions and garlic. I could taste the usual aromatics like cilantro and basil. But the star of that show was the bacon. It was crispy and salty, and just plain delicious.

The potato salad was as I expected. It had a creamy mayo dressing with parsley. And the potatoes were perfectly cooked. They were soft and creamy. Not chewy at all, like sometimes my potatoes turn out.

The stuffed chicken was probably the most delicious thing I have eaten in a long time. It was a large chicken breast that had been tenderized flat to make it bigger. It was perfectly seasoned with salt, pepper and I believe I tasted garlic. The chicken breast was stuffed with fried bananas. It’s all sealed in a crispy bacon envelope. This couldn’t be any more juicy and sweet. The bananas made such a wonderful contrast to the chicken and the bacon. It almost melted in my mouth.

stuffed chicken breast

stuffed chicken breast

All of these elements made for such an exciting meal. Especially since someone else spent all the time and hard work to make it. Sometimes I can’t decide whether I love cooking more, or exploring other people’s interpretations of great tastes.

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