On the weekends I usually get less of a time constraint to experiment with food ideas.

I have these bags of tuna fillets in the freezer for a while now and I could never find time to make them. The thing with tune fillets is that they need to cook slow. I’ve seen recipes showing how to quickly grill the fillets. But to be honest I don’t know who would eat those. If not cook properly it’s like chewing on a flip-flop, or an old shoe.

I never measure anything. In fact, on the process of creating this blog I came to the realization that I keep no records of the amounts I use for each recipe. I just know how much to add. It’s in my brain (somehow). But, I’m getting side tracked here. I felt the need to sort-of mention that bit of info.

Tuna Fillets

Tuna Fillets

I use a large frying pan when making the tuna fillets. The pan doesn’t need to be screaming hot. Medium High to start things off, and then when you drop the fillets in take it down to Medium Low. But we’re not there yet. When you see the pan has gotten up to temperature add a splash of extra virgin olive oil, a splash of white wine,  and a splash of water. What is a splash? Well, it’s just the right amount that makes a small splash in the pan (not a splatter).

I add thyme and parsley once I have the tuna fillets in the pan. I flip them every 5 minutes. They need to almost boil in the mixture you’ve made in the pan. But it’s not a soup. It’s merely a light sauce you’ve created with the ingredients. Every now and them add a little more olive oil, or a little more water. Don’t add more then the initial splash of wine because you may make the tuna fillets bitter.

Use a fork or a knife to feel how the tuna fillets are. They must feel soft in the center, and may have a brownish color. But usually they take less than 20 minutes to cook.

Remove the fillets from the pan. Now you may add another splash of white wine to the pan and a splash of extra virgin olive oil. Bring the pan up to high temperature. Add sliced pepper and or onions. Cook until caramelized. What’s caramelized? It’s until the vegetable becomes translucent, soft in texture, and/or may become brownish color (the color of caramel)

Serve with a side of salad. Or if you’re like me, wrap it up in a large tortilla and enjoy your tuna wrap.

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