This is a simple idea for when you just want to have some cocktails and not really wanna eat a full meal. It’s Saturday night, you have friends over, and everyone’s been waiting for that boxing event, or basketball game or favorite movie. And you just want to relax and hang out.

Chicken Dip / Spread

Chicken Dip / Spread

This is a great spread or dip to have and it’s really fast to make. In a pot add 2 cups of water, a splash of soy sauce, half a cup of olive oil, about 2 (maybe 3) medium sized chicken breast. You can use chicken strips; add about 5. This all depends on the amount of people you half to serve. This is for about 4 people. Adjust the amount of ingredients according to the amount of people you’re serving.

Let this sit in medium high temperature for about 10 minutes. If the chicken is not frozen then it will be done rather quickly. Make sure to cover the pot and leave it alone. Opening the pot and checking the chicken will make the cooking time longer. Just leave it alone.

This will cook the chicken all the way through. If you’re like me, I like the chicken to have a little color. Just letting it sit in the pot for about 10 minute wont do much for that. So after ten minutes I uncover the pot and let the liquids reduce a bit, and the chicken gets some color at the same time. About 5 minutes will do just fine.

I remove the chicken from the pot. Put aside on a large mixing bowl. Using 2 forks I pull the chicken apart. This will make it nicer to mix with the cheese cream we’re going to make now. Yes! I said cheese cream!

There is some liquid left over in the pot. To this add 1 and a half cups of milk. Any milk. And then add about 1 and a half cups of cheese. Any cheese. Then add a table spoon or 2 of parsley. And about 2 table spoons of freshly ground pepper.

This needs to be whisked around in high heat for a few minutes, or until the texture looks creamy. Be careful, if the cheese sauce begins to boil or bubble excessively you may burn it. So remove the pot from the stove a few times just to control the temperature. But do not lower the heat.

Once it’s nice and creamy pour the cheese sauce over the chicken you have pulled apart. And mix good in the mixing bowl.

You can serve on salty crackers, or you may eat with tortilla chips.

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